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Flow-Max Model 90 Jumbo Filter Cartridges

Flow-Max Model 90 Jumbo Filter Cartridges are for applications requiring high flow and increased filtration for a process requiring ultimate cleanliness. Flow-Max Jumbo Cartridges are pleated for increased filter area, high flow and low pressure drop. Our engineered synthetic filter media is highly efficient to provide superior filtration. All micron ratings utilize 100% synthetic filter media, so there are no adhesives or binders to foam or contaminate. Cartridges are available in a wide range of micron ratings, packaged one per carton.

Flow-Max Model 90 Filter Cartridges and Flow-Max Filter Housing 100 GPM. Jumbo filter housing offers 150 PSI and 100gpm flow capacity. The ideal filter housings for optimum convenience and savings! Flow-Max Model 90 Jumbo filters are designed to accept “jumbo” cartridges for easy installation and replacement. Filter housings are constructed using 316L stainless steel, and are rated for pressures to 150 psi.

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