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Hoffman ECM Motor

The Hoffman ECM Motors are designed for walk-in and reach-in coolers and freezers that have variable speed ECM evaporator fan motors. These motors consist of the ICE-59, the ICE-142, and the Hoffman variable speed EC motor. This Hoffman ECM controller provides maximum efficiency, reduced compressor run time and reduced product shrinkage. It also offers an increased product shelf life by continuously varying the evaporator fan speed depending on the vault temperature.

It is well-known that a two speed evaporator fan and control can provide energy savings. This is done by reducing the air flow during the compressor-off part of the cycle. This controller takes the technology to a new level by continuously varying the fan speed. This is done as the vault temperature rises during the compressor-off period using an adaptive algorithm to set the exact speeds. The only sensors used by this control are temperature sensors. They are used to detect when the expansion valve is operating, the vault temperature, and the coil temperature.

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  • Hoffman Controls Toboa Energy

    Hoffman Controls 520-1580-759 Ecm Motor

    Original price was: $ 394.00.Current price is: $ 275.80.
  • Hoffman Control 759-EMC

    Hoffman Controls 759-EMC Motor

    Original price was: $ 358.00.Current price is: $ 250.60.