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Inventory | Samlex Stock Items

Inventory | Samlex Stock Items – Here are Samlex products we currently have in stock in our warehouse. Hurry before they are gone!

About Samlex:

  • Samlex America Inc was founded on the idea that the world would be a better place with the ability to power household appliances and tools anywhere. Even regardless of the availability of the electrical gridToday, Samlex America is a global manufacturer of power conversion products with a market footprint covering over 90 countries. Also including manufacturing facilities in Canada, US, Netherlands, Taiwan, and China.
  • Initially, Samlex built power products for the commercial and industrial markets. They manufacture a small line of power inverters, and soon after expanding to converters. As well as battery chargers and power supplies for the telecommunications industry.Samlex now serves a wide range of commercial industries. These include public safety, government, work trucks, wireless communications, two-way radio and many other custom applications through our OEM programs. In 2009, Samlex started serving customers’ recreational power needs in the RV, marine, and off-road markets with the launch of the Samlex Solar.

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  • Samlex PST-300-24

    Samlex America PST-300-12 Pure Sine Wave Inverter 300W

    Original price was: $ 308.50.Current price is: $ 246.80.
  • SEC-1215UL

    Samlex SEC-1215UL Battery Charger 15A 3-bank 3-stage 12vDC 115/230v

    Original price was: $ 251.00.Current price is: $ 201.10.
  • Samlex SEC-1235M Switching

    Samlex SEC-1235M Switching Power Supply for Mobile Radio Applications

    Original price was: $ 253.40.Current price is: $ 200.10.
  • Samlex SEC-R2

    Samlex SEC-R2 Rack Mount Assembly for Desktop Power Supplies

    Original price was: $ 77.90.Current price is: $ 62.30.
  • samlex ssw 350 watt inverter

    Samlex SSW-350-12A DC to AC 350W Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    Original price was: $ 165.80.Current price is: $ 132.60.