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MK-Deka Solar GEL Batteries

East Penn MK-Deka Solar GEL Batteries made by MK Battery and the east Penn battery company are the valve regulated Gel monobloc series that offer reliable, versatile, maintenance-free DC power when you need it. The thixotropic gel enables these Deka batteries to be completely spill proof that provides many available mounting options for installation. The gelled electrolyte offers more protection to the battery plates, and is better suited for deep cycle discharge. With longer discharge and less charging time, these batteries are ideal for many renewable energy applications such as solar arrays or wind power off grid battery banks.

Deka batteries are made by the East Penn manufacturing company with pride by dedicated people totally committed to offering the most reliable products, world-class service and support, and maximum overall value to the diverse markets served. Don’t make the mistake of buying just any deep cycle battery, don’t throw away your money, buy the right battery for the job, Deka Batteries!

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