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MorningStar SunKeeper Solar Controllers

The Morningstar SunKeeper solar controllers provide a low cost regulated output directly from the solar module. This is to maximize battery life in small solar power applications. SunKeeper is epoxy encapsulated and sealed in an IP65 rated UV-resistant case and approved for outdoor use with no additional enclosure required. By mounting directly to the module junction box and wiring through the junction box knockout, the connection remains weather-proof. To withstand the high temperatures at the solar module, the controller incorporates extremely efficient power electronics for thermal management and is rated to 70°C/158°F ambient operating temperature.

  • Rugged design—approved for outdoor use without an additional enclosure. IP65 rated with UV resistant case; epoxy encapsulated electronics and watertight connection to junction box.
  • High temperature rated—to 70C for operation in high temperatures at the solar module; no need to de-rate.
  • Ideal for Oil/Gas applications. Approved for use in hazardous locations: Class 1, Division 2, Groups A-D.
  • Available in both 6 Amp and 12 Amp versions (both at 12 volts DC)

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  • Morningstar SK-6 sunkeeper

    MorningStar SK-12 Solar 12 Amp SunKeeper Controller

    Original price was: $ 110.00.Current price is: $ 99.00.
  • Morningstar SK-6 sunkeeper

    MorningStar SK-6 Solar 6 Amp SunKeeper Controller

    Original price was: $ 79.00.Current price is: $ 68.00.