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MorningStar TriStar 600v HV-MPPT Charge Controllers

The MorningStar TriStar 600v HV-MPPT Charge Controllers are a breakthrough in charge controller designs. By accepting PV array input up to 600 Voc, it enables installers to design systems with longer, fewer strings, reducing cabling and hardware which make installation and wiring easier and faster. Morningstar’s advanced digital engineering combined with superior thermal management make the TS-MPPT-600V with TrakStar technology the only charge controller in its class that doesn’t require a cooling fan or fans, making it both extremely reliable and efficient (with 97.9% peak efficiency).

The MorningStar TriStar 600v HV-MPPT Charge Controllers leverages Morningstar’s innovative TrakStar™ MPPT technology and our 20+ years of power electronics engineering excellence, to enable the widest input operating voltage range available from a solar array, wind turbine or hydro input.This controller’s standard and DB versions are for off-grid applications, and the TR versions were developed to enable retrofitting grid-tied systems with battery backup.


  • High Voltage Capacity
  • High Reliability
  • High Efficiency
  • Maximizes Energy Harvest
  • Communications Capabilities

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