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Exeltech MX Series Inverters

Exeltech MX Series Inverters rack mounted inverters

MX 1000 Series Master Modules: The MX series Master Modules are 1000 watts output and are required to build the modular inverter system. One master module can control up to 4 additional power modules for clean output power up to 5000 watts.  Choose input voltages of either 12v,24v,32v,48v,66v, or 108vdc.

MX 1000 Series Power Modules: MX 1000 series power modules are 1000 watt slave power inverter. They require drive signals off of the “Master Module” or “Control Card”. This module is the backbone of the inverter system. Choose matching input voltages of either 12,24,32,48,66,or 108vdc.

MX 1000 series Racking: MX Series accessories and rack cages for MX series redundant modules. Add this professional racking system to complete your inverter system.

Exeltech MX Series Inverters Data Sheet

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