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North Slope Low Temperature Chillers Deep 1PH

The North Slope Low Temperature Chillers Deep 1PH made for ultimate industrial cooling. If your application requires temperature control below 55°F, then the Deep Freeze low temperature process chiller line is the solution to your problem.

In addition to the same industrial-quality parts as our Freeze line of chillers, Deep Freeze’s internal parts are fully insulated to ensure no internal temperature loss during heat transfer. Deep Freeze has a temperature control range from 10°F-60°F that will keep your critical materials and equipment cool even in hot conditions.

North Slope Deep Freeze Features:

  • Temperature Control down to -120°F
  • Non-Ferrous Piping System
  • Hermetically Sealed Scroll Compressor
  • Continuous Duty Pumps
  • Smart Chiller Capabilities
  • Single Point Electrical Connection into Disconnect
  • Small Footprint
  • Available in Multiple Voltages

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