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Packed Stem Radiator Valves

Packed Stem Radiator Valves. Sterlco® Radiator Valve Model 518 is designed for steam heating systems with pressures of 25″ vacuum to 125 PSI. It may also be used in water systems with pressures up to 200 PSI. This valve is equipped with positive “on” and “off” control for any type of heating element or radiator.

Packed Stem 518 Valve features a heavy cast brass body, brass union and nut. This solid, simple, rugged construction will resist strains during installation and assures long serviceable life. Heavy packing nut keeps pressure on solid one piece synthetic fiber packing ring, providing a tight seal around the valve stem. Practical, simple styling…one piece handle with rising stem makes 518 easy to operate. Simple styling permits installation in exposed locations.

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  • Sterlco 518

    Sterlco 2.0 Inch 518 Packed Stem Radiator Valve

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