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Winco Single Phase 540 RPM PTO Generators

Toboa Energy Resources offers name brand Winco Single Phase 540 RPM PTO Generators, shafts, wheeled  pull behind carts, hitches in sizes ranging from 10kW through 150kW, with either 540 or 1000 rpm gear cases. Power take-off generators from 25-150kW are assembled and tested in the United States making them the only PTO generators that are truly American made.

There are some important factors to consider when selecting Winco Single Phase 540 RPM PTO Generators. One essential consideration is service life. our manufacturers were chosen because they have literally tens of thousands of PTO generators in the field that have proven their durability by logging millions of hours during emergencies. Our manufactures stand behind their products and have produced designs through allot of real world experience in delivering reliable products. Toboa Energy works hard for you and will be ready to provide the service parts and technical expertise when needed.

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  • Winco 27PTOC4-03 PTO 540RPM Driven Generator 27kW

    $ 4,940.40
  • 50PTOC4-03

    Winco 50PTOC4-03 PTO Driven Generator 50kW

    $ 6,726.00
  • W10PTOS-3/A

    Winco W10PTOS-3A PTO Driven Generator 10kW

    $ 2,226.40
  • Winco W15PTOS PTO Driven Generator 15kW

    $ 2,742.00
  • 85PFPTOC-18

    Winco W70PTO-3/A PTO Driven Generator 70kW

    $ 10,552.40