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Packless Radiator Hand Actuated Valves

Sterling Steam Controls Inc.offers Sterlco Packless Radiator Hand Actuated Valves designed for both steam and hot water heating systems. These valves can be applied to sub-atmospheric steam systems of 25″ vacuum with pressures up to 125 PSI and to water systems with working pressures up to 125 PSI. It is equipped with positive “on” and “off” control for any type of heating element or radiator.

Sterlco 523 Packless Radiator Hand Actuated Valves feature heavy brass body, brass union nut and nipple capable of resisting strains during installation. Unique design using primary and secondary levers of high tensile, high yield non-corrosive alloy actuates the plunger. Valve is fully opened or closed with less than one turn of the handle. It features positive valve shut off providing a perfect seal in closed position.Available in two body patterns. Minimum number of parts reduces maintenance. Attractive, simple styling, non-rising handle and low bonnet permits installation in open location.

Sterlco Hand Radiator Valves Brochure

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