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Samlex 24vDC-120vAC Battery Chargers

The Samlex 24vDC-120vAC Battery Chargers are fully automatic three-stage chargers are ideal for charging all types of 24 volt lead acid batteries. These chargers can also be set for 2-stage operation or a power supply. Most of the 24 volt chargers have a dip switch to protect the batteries

Samlex offers several styles and brands and charger accessories. Accessories such as battery cables, enclosures, batteries and more. Brands for the most demanding applications such as Samlex America, Xpower and more top name brands available. The Samlex 24vDC-120vAC Battery chargers offered are great when matched with one or more of our highly efficient American made deep cycle solar or marine grade batteries. Features include overload, short-circuit and over-temperature protection, and charging of up-to 3 separate battery banks.

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  • samlex SEC2415UL

    Samlex America SEC-2415UL 15A 3-bank 3-stage 24vDC,115/230v Battery Charger

    Original price was: $ 352.10.Current price is: $ 281.70.
  • SEC-2440UL

    Samlex America SEC-2440UL 40A 2-bank 3-stage 24vDC,115v Battery Charger

    Original price was: $ 908.40.Current price is: $ 726.70.
  • samlex SEC2425UL

    Samlex America SEC2425UL 25A 2-bank 3-stage 24vDC,115v Battery Charger

    Original price was: $ 634.10.Current price is: $ 507.30.