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Sterlco 923 Series Inverted Bucket Condensate Traps

Sterlco 923 Series Inverted Bucket Condensate Traps work on condensate return lines where steam and condensate gather. On start up, the bucket, by its own weight, rests on the trap bottom. The main valve is open, allowing the discharge of air Inverted Bucket Condensate Traps and non-condense-able. As condensate fills the body, it creates a seal on the open end of the bucket, which then becomes buoyant and rises, closing the main valve discharge. Condensate, however, continues to enter the trap and force the air through the vent hole, causing it to lose its buoyancy and sink, opening the main valve to discharge. Condensate is discharge until steam reaches the trap and fills the bucket, which regains its buoyancy and the operating cycle is repeated.

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