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Sterlco 125 PSI FT-94 FT-94HC Float & Thermostatic Steam Trap

Sterlco 125 PSI FT-94 FT-94HC Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap are applicable to all types of steam heating systems and steam process equipment that produce exceptionally large amounts of condensate. These traps operate efficiently for low, medium & high pressure applications. Their purpose is to discharge air and condensate while preventing steam from entering the return piping.

The Sterlco 125 PSI FT-94 FT-94HC traps operate in response to rising and falling condensate levels and rising and falling temperatures near the thermostatic vent, as follows:

  • Condensate initially fills the trap body to a predetermined level, which is sufficient to seal the valve seat opening.
  • As the condensate level continues to rise, the float will rise causing the valve to pull away from the seat.
  • Condensate will then be discharged into the return line through the trap outlet. The rise and fall of condensate level causes a continuous discharge which is typical of F&T traps.
  • Air entering the trap is discharged through the thermostatic vent. The opening and closing of the vent is dependent upon the temperature surrounding the thermostatic element.
  • As the element cools with more air accumulating, it opens to allow the air to vent to the atmosphere.


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