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SDS Submersible Pumps Sun Pumps

SDS Submersible Pumps Sun Pumps. Low cost DC powered pumps and pump controllers efficiently use DC power to lift water from wells, perfect for solar pumping, used in applications where normal pump suction head is to low to lift water from underground sources. great for shallow or deep wells, basins, water tanks, where ever below water pumping is required. Runs off of battery power or direct off of solar panel Sun Pumps is the right choice. Solar panels, mounts, batteries, charge controllers all available through Toboa Energy Resources. Sun Pumps are made in the USA .

SDS Submersible Pumps are perfect for remote ranch applications lifting water for cattle, cabins or anywhere well water is needed. The submersible pumps are sold alone or as complete turnkey packages including solar panels mounts wire controllers and level switches.

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