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Sun Pumps SCP Pool Pumps Brushless

The Sun Pumps SCP Pool Pumps Brushless solar powered centrifugal pool pumps with brushless DC motors are the ultimate in performance and reliability. There are two types to choose from. One type is the BC series with a 2” outlet. The other is the BV, or “High Volume” series with a 2 ½” outlet, designed for large pools. SCP series solar pool pumps will replace almost any AC powered pool pump up to 3 HP. The best part is that because they get their power from the sun, you will never have an electric bill.

Sun Pumps Pool Pumps Brushless series can not only be used for pool water filtration, but for fountains, water features, pond aeration, circulating water for aqua culture or to irrigate small farms. They were designed for use as a stand-alone water delivery system.

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