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Temperature Controlled Heating Valves

Temperature Controlled Heating Valves D-150-G series direct acting valves, close on rising temperature for heating. Self Contained, Completely Automatic, Simply install and set temperature from a variety of temperature ranges (select at time of order). No further temperature adjustments or external power are required These simple yet efficiently designed valves require minimum maintenance. Heavy duty construction assures long valve life. Valves are temperature actuated, self-powered, fully balanced, and applicable to heating or cooling processes using water, oil, steam or other fluids.

Temperature Controlled Heating Valves have high engineering standards and energy saving optional features such as; flanged bulb for duct mounting, calibrated adjusting screw with wheel handle for quick adjustment, plain brass bulb less adapter for open tank or cabinet mounting, brass bulb with lock nut for bracket mounting, union fitting on capillary for closed tank, 6 ft. plastic coated capillary and bulb for plating tanks (no tank adapter), 6 ft. stainless steel capillary and bulb for plating tanks, 1/16″ weep hole on outlet side of valve for constant flow, brass and stainless steel bulb wells and more.

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  • Sterlco .50 Inch D-150-G Temperature Control Valve

    $ 610.00
  • Sterlco .75 Inch D-151-G Temperature Control Valve

    $ 621.00
  • Sterlco 1.0 Inch D-152-G Temperature Control Valve

    $ 655.00
  • sterling 56T bulb well

    Sterlco D-15X-G Brass Bulb Well .75 Inch For Standard 6 ft. Capillary Models

    $ 120.00
  • Sterlco SS bulb well

    Sterlco D-15X-G Stainless Steel Bulb Well .75 Inch For Standard 6 ft. Capillary Models

    $ 249.00