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Watts Catalytic GAC

The Watts Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) is a natural material derived from bituminous coal, lignite, wood, coconut shell etc., that is activated by steam or other means. Carbon is very popular due to its ability to correct many water quality problems. Specifically, this collection focuses on Catalytic GAC; Watts Catalytic GAC uniquely concentrates reactants via adsorption and then promotes their reaction on the surface of pores. Catalytic carbon is a liquid phase virgin activated carbon that has been manufactured to develop catalytic functionality. Produced from coconut shell using a patented process, the catalytic carbon is ready to use in liquid phase systems to promote catalytic reactions. The reactant concentration determines the effective contact time. Although it is not impregnated with metals or alkali, it displays the catalytic functionality of such materials.

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  • Watts GAC

    Watts Catalytic GAC A8056-AL

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