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Watts Thermax Resin

Watts Thermax Resin

Thermax T-42 cation exchange water softening resin is used in general water softening applications to remove calcium and magnesium hardness from water. This dark color resin is made from polystyrene, is supplied in the sodium form, and contains 8 percent divinylbenzene for improved strength.

Thermax T-52 cation resin is a higher cross-linked strong acid resin that greatly resists oxidizing agents and temperature. Use with multiple and mixed bed demineralization operating under rigorous conditions. It comes in hydrogen form.

Thermax MB-108P Mixed Bed Resin is a strong acid, strong base mix with a polystyrene copolymer structure in H+/OH- form for water purifying. It features an intimate mixture of strong acid T-46 H+ form and strong base Type I (A-33) OH form in a 1:2 volume ratio.

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  • Thermax Cation

    Watts A9000 Thermax T-42 Cation Resin

    Original price was: $ 306.00.Current price is: $ 185.53.
  • Thermax Mixed Bed

    Watts A9000-31 Thermax MB-108P Mixed Bed Resin

    Original price was: $ 583.00.Current price is: $ 353.17.