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Watts E-Treat Cartridge Filtration Systems

Watts E-Treat Cartridge Filtration Systems, Watts Water Technologies offers E-Treat water filtration systems and replacement cartridges one of the most dependable drinking water systems and are sold complete with filter housing and filter cartridge(s) depending on the number and type of cartridges selected at time of order, normally ships within 5 working days. E-treat systems are the ideal, low cost alternative to reverse osmosis technology. E-treat offers treatment with no bulky tank, no messy reject water, no pressure problems, no dirty sumps, they are simple, easy to install and a professional low cost solution to treating drinking water in the home under the counter. Taste? E-treat systems produce great tasting drinking water for pennies for the gallon and no more trips to the store to buy eco unfriendly bottled water! Water flow shuts off when cartridges are removed for easy clean replacement when it’s time.

E-Treat Brochure

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  • E-Treat Replacement 3 Water Filter Kit

    E-Treat Replacement 3 Water Filter Kit

    $ 95.61
  • E-treat single

    Watts ETRCAC E Treat Quick Twist Carbon Block Cartridge

    $ 25.12
  • E-treat single

    Watts ETRCHFM E Treat Quick Twist Hollow Fiber Membrane Cartridge

    $ 56.40
  • E-treat single

    Watts ETRCS E Treat Quick Twist Sediment Cartridge

    $ 16.39