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Winco Air Cooled Standby Generators

Winco Air Cooled Standby Generators offering liquid propane LP or natural gas NG emergency standby residential and commercial generators. Winco generators are built in the USA for reliable emergency power applications. Winco Air Cooled Standby Generators are offered in single phase design and are highly adaptable to both residential or business as outdoor emergency generators for standby use.

Toboa Energy Resources offers standby and prime power generators along with accessories and maintenance kits for existing installations. Standby generators are an important part of any total emergency preparedness program. Having electric power after a major storm or civil emergency gives you the ability to recover faster, provide emergency service and operate to a program level. In many circumstance its the generator is looked at as a expense rather than extra protection. Add a transfer switch and quick connect to your facility and hook up only when required. Winco generators are a reliable choice for standby service.

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