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Water Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems

Indoor Use Industrial Portable Water Chillers

Air cooled TCAC BCDAir CooledTCAC-LB Blower cooled chillerBlower CooledTCAC-LF Fan Cooler ChillersFan CooledTCWC Liquid Cooled ChillersLiquid Cooled

Direct Contact Cooling Towers

cooling towers 38-120 ton38-120 Toncooling tower 100-240TON100-240 Ton

Offering Water Chillers and Cooling Tower Systems state-of-the-art chillers, open circuit cooling towers and specialized heat exchanger structures for a large variety of commercial applications for nearly two decades. Perfect for industrial manufacturing, food and beverage processing, medical and pharmaceutical products. We offer portable AIR OR WATER condensing units, remote AIR Condensing process chilling units, central AIR OR WATER condensing units

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