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emergency solar energy systems for all aspects of living

Emergency solar energy water pumping system

I know many doomsday preparers that spend allot of time worrying about what they’re going to eat and how they’re going to defend their property. No one ever talks about the things that will really help a family recover in the midst of a natural or man made disaster. Electric power! Let’s face it without the electric to run lighting, furnaces, power tools, cooking equipment, washing and drying equipment life would be stressful to say the least. Cold beans don’t taste very good. Some of the items that go quietly into the night once the power grid is gone are television, computers, cordless phones, surveillance cameras, and even things as simple as flashlights eventually fade. You will need emergency solar energy or generator power. You will be forced to buy it or steal it once things become terminal. Once disaster occurs no one will want to give up their source of power for any price.

Here is a great way to begin. On your computer go to www.toboaenergy.com.  Now, lets search out some basic sustainable equipment to build a home emergency solar energy generator system. You will need a few solar modules, module mounts, deep cycle solar grade batteries, a charge controller and a good DC to AC converter to get the power into a form that is useable. Got it?  Figure out about how many watts/hour or (W/h) of power you will need during a hardship situation. For example one 60 watt light bulb burning for 1 hour is 60 W/h so 10 bulbs times 60W is 10X60 or 600 W/h or .6kWh. If You have a special place that you will be staying that is protected and permanent I suggest creating a system that can be added to by purchasing some of the components such as the charge controller and Voltage converter that are over sized. It may happen that later you can add to the system by either buying components or foraging for them if necessary. So if you need for example 1000 W/h or 1.0 kWh size select system components to do maybe 5 kWh and have expansion capacity.

So you’re not an electrical engineer and maybe this seems way to complex not a problem, no worries. Toboa Energy has the people to size and suggest the proper items for your need. You can contact Toboa Energy by e-mailing them at sales@toboaenergy.com. In the event that you are unsure what you need to do you can call Toboa Energy customer service line for help at 262-757-1110. There are a wide variety of emergency solar energy systems, wind and rechargeable products offered for emergency life sustaining circumstances. Besides electric power there are also water pumps, standard fuel generators, portable solar backpacks tents and military grade equipment to choose from.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to act! Your very existence could be determined right now if you fail to understand the importance of power.

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