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EXELTECH Inverters

Made in the USA

Inverter Chargers

icx mcx inverterICX / MCX

MX Series Redundant Modular Stack-able Inverters To 20,000 Watts

exeltech master modulesMaster Modulesexeltech master modulesPower ModulesExeltech Control CardsControl CardsExeltech Control CardsAccessory Cardsexeltech rackingModule Racking

True Sine Wave Inverters

XP True Sine Wave InvertersXP Exeltech

Exeltech Inverters Made in the USA

Toboa Energy Resources LLC is proud to offer American-made EXELTECH Inverters, founded in 1990, based on the philosophy that efficiency in the manufacturing process through product design, coordinated with facility layout, was paramount to productivity and the key to building a lasting a quality inverter product.

Exeltech inverters are constructed with customer satisfaction in mind. Featuring an innovative, lightweight design as well as a competitive price, these American-made inverters are changing the way people think about DC to AC power products.

Exeltech inverters have incredible pure sine wave output, and they are incredibly durable. However, should you need repairs, you can send inverters directly to the Exeltech factory, which will allow the manufacturers to improve future products.


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