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Power Generation for Emergency Situations a Hurricane and blizzard season is upon us once again. Hurricane Ida has hit our coast line leaving many with out power, fresh water and supplies.  Toboa Energy Resources  has four lines of emergency power options available to meet your needs. Toboa Energy carries two lines of emergency and standby power needs.

The Generac line of generators has many options from small portable generators to back up home units. With the large demands for power generation equipment Generac has plans of opening a new manufacturing facility in South Carolina to meet the demands of current orders. The Covd-19 crisis has really extend delivery times for all manufactures. Toboa Energy resources does stock some models in the Kenosha facility.

Toboa Energy also carries the Winco line of power generation. The Winco line covers units from portable generators to prime power to fit your needs. Either working on a jobsite or powering up a remote location in a place were shore power is not available Winco can supply the equipment to meet your needs.  Winco generators are manufactured in Minnesota making there products made in the USA.

IMD PTO generators is a new line for Toboa Energy Resources. IMD manufactures Generators from 10kw to 31 kw this range will cover small farms or larger demands in areas were farm tractors are used to create power. IMD is manufactured in South Carolina which makes them another product made in the U.S.A.

Gillette Generators carries a full line of power equipment ranging from portable generators to full size power for farms and ranches.  Gillette has been manufacturing power generation equipment for 50 yrs in Indiana. With three factories they can manufacture different  size units to suit most needs in every industry. Another company made in the U.S.A.

Since delivery’s can be long don’t wait until an emergency arises to get your power equipment ordered so your home or business can be ready for the next Natural disaster. Toboa Energy Resources has made ordering your equipment vary easy through their secure website.

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