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Sterlco 4124-GDF Duplex Boiler Feed Pump With 30 Gallon Steel Receiver Tank 6 GPM

$ 2,172.00

Sterlco 4124-GDF Duplex Boiler Feed Pump With 30 Gallon Steel Receiver Tank offers two 1/3 HP motor 6 GPM pump 20 PSI discharge pressure for 30 HP boilers. Offers heavy gauge steel receiver tank, simplex or duplex construction, bronze fitted centrifugal pump(s), energy efficient 3450 RPM motors, automatic venting, “Sterl-Seal” ceramic pump seal (250°F), heavy-duty make-up water valve, gauge glass and a wide range of options and accessories. Made in USA.



Sterlco 4124-GDF Duplex Boiler Feed Pump With 30 Gallon Steel Receiver Tank 6 GPM two 1/3 HP motor 20 PSI discharge pressure for 30 HP boilers sets new standards of performance. Reliable and efficient, each unit features heavy gauge, 3/16” steel receivers for long operating life. In addition, 3450 RPM motors assure maximum efficiency while maintaining minimum motor horsepower. Available in a wide range of sizes, these U.S. made pumps have just the right accessories and options to meet your unique needs. What’s more, a nationwide network of stocking distributors means fast, easy, year-round access to pumps and replacement parts.

Standard Features

  • Heavy gauge steel receivers
  • Duplex construction
  • Two bronze fitted centrifugal pumps
  • Energy efficient 3450 RPM motors
  • Automatic venting
  • “Sterl-Seal” ceramic pump seal (250°F)
  • Heavy-duty make-up water valve
  • Gauge glass
  • Wide range of options and accessories

Standard Features

Unit: Completely factory assembled and tested. Simplex units have one receiver, one make-up water valve, and one vertical pump and motor assembly. Duplex units have 2 vertical pumps. All units are supplied with a gauge glass on the side of the receiver and a flat perforated brass strainer at the inlet to the pump.

Motors: Heavy-duty, ball bearing, close-coupled pump motors with stainless steel shaft. 3450 RPM for greater efficiency and more economical operation.

Make-up Water Valve: Mechanical, plug mounted valve with stainless steel float. Rated up to 45 psi inlet water pressure.

Receiver: Heavy gauge steel construction. All receivers of 45 gallon size and larger are supplied in duplex design, with one pump opening covered when a simplex design is specified. (A pressure reducing valve is required)

Operation: Boiler feed pump(s) are controlled by a water level controller mounted on the boiler. If condensate is lost or delayed in the system, it is automatically replaced in the receiver through the make-up water valve.

isolation valve“SterlSeal” Pump Seal (A): Features the ultimate in ceramic technology for exceptionally long life. Because the seal runs on the bronze impeller hub, the motor shaft is literally outside the pump. Consequently, the shaft is not exposed to corrosion by condensate. Rated for temperatures up to 250ºF.

Isolation Valve (B): Optional on 4100 Series Boiler Feed Pumps. Allows removal of pump without draining the tank




Control Panel

  • Complete NEMA 12 Control Panel (Optional)
  • Motor Circuit Protector
  • HOA Selector Switch
  • External Reset
  • Control Circuit Transformer
  • Pilot Light (pump running)
  • Removable Mounting Plate and Terminal Strip in a Single NEMA 12 Enclosure
  • Mounted and Wired with Single Point Power Connection.

Additional information

Weight 240 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 38 × 18.38 in
Manufacturer Part Number


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