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Watts WQTCBC-10 Quick-Twist Carbon Block Cartridge (Single)

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The Watts WQTCBC-10 Quick-Twist Carbon Block Cartridge is a replacement part for the Quick-Twist Drinking Water Systems WQT4RO11-50, and features double ‘O’ Rings to prevent leaking, and automatic water shut off valves for easy replacement. It is recommended that these pre-carbon filters be replaced every six months.

*Single Pack (1 cartridge)*


The Watts WQTCBC-10 Quick-Twist Carbon Block Cartridge is a replacement cartridge for the Watts Water (WQT4RO11-50) Quick-Twist system. These residential reverse osmosis systems make maintenance seamless with disposable encapsulated cartridges, automatic shut off valves, and quarter-turn filter cartridges. This four part system utilizes four color coded cartridges that effectively purify and treat water for a great taste.

The Quick-Twist RO Drinking Systems contain the following four steps:

  • Pre-Carbon Block Filter 
    • Filters out chlorine from water to protect the RO membrane
    • Recommended replacement after six months
  • Pre-Filter Sediment Filter
    • 5 micron filters out particulates including sand, silt, rust, and other solid matter
    • Recommended replacement after six months
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  • Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter 
    • Filters out metals, salts, and other dissolved solids so only high quality water goes into the storage tank
    • Recommended replacement after 1-2 years
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  • Post-Carbon (GAC) Filter
    • Polishes filtered water to remove any unpleasant tastes or odors
    • Recommended replacement after 12 months
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Watts Installation & Maintenance Guide

This is a replacement part for Quick-Twist Drinking Water Systems WQT4RO11-50

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in
Manufacturer Part Number


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