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Shurflo Demand Pumps Offer Options, Shurflo a division of Pentair offers AC and DC powered demand and bypass pumps with adjustable demand switches and bypass capabilities. Whether looking for a pump for your solar water pumping project, green house, sprayer, foam dispenser or well, Shurflo Demand Pumps are a low cost highly available pump for you. See the multitude of pumps and configurations offered by one of the best companies in the business. Toboa Energy Resources LLC offers hundreds of in stock Shurflo pumps, direct current (DC) 12, 24 and 36 volt pumps plus 115 volt AC pumps and even 240 volt AC pumps in very small packages. Since 2007 Toboa Energy has been here for you with our engineering staff and friendly help to get you going.

Shurflo 100 series, 2088 series, 5000 series, 8000 series pumps delivered by federal express to your door. No hassle on line ordering low prices and reliable service.

Toboa Energy Resources LLC offers over a hundred in stock pumps for quick turn around. With the exception of some low use pump items most pumps are in stock. We supply OEM’s, resellers, businesses and consumers. We appreciate our customers and always look to accomodate orders in a quick professional manor. Selling on the internet since 2007, Toboa Energy Resources is a safe and reliable resources for businesses and government.




Offering stock SHURflo pumps. Toboa Energy Resources L.L.C. stocks several sizes of AC and DC voltage demand pumps, centrifugal pumps, booster pumps and submersible pumps. Toboa Energy provides SHURflo pumps at the very lowest prices available. SHURflo offers different Shurflo pump styles for different needs, centrifugal style pumps are offered in stainless steel, cast iron and brass. Demand pumps are normally composite plastic materials offering a wide range of temperature and chemical compatibility.  We love this product simply because it is simple, easy to use, available and made in North America!

Shertech®, now SHURflo®, is a world leader of industrial fluid transfer solutions. Offering high-performance centrifugal, gear, roller, flexible impeller and diaphragm Shurflo pumps that provide the durability and variety you need to solve your problem. They back SHURflo pump products with an expert team of distributors, customer service representatives and engineers that will be there when you need them. Think of SHURflo as an extension of YOUR team that provides innovative solutions to your most complex pumping problems.

Shurflo DC Pump

SHURflo® Industrial Fluid Transfer Solutions

SHURflo Solar products consist of solar water pumps, solar controls and solar accessories ideally suited for for operation on solar powered systems. Low amp draw, consistent performance, and long life make SHURflo solar pumps perfect for use on the range, in the solar home, or wherever highly efficient DC powered fluid delivery is required.

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