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Powerblanket Gas Cylinder Heaters

The Powerblanket Gas Cylinder Heaters provide a uniform barrier of heat across the entire cylinder. Powerblanket’s superior heating solution reduces costs by optimizing container temperatures and increasing cylinder efficiency.

Cold weather can wreak havoc on gas cylinders. When the temperature drops, it’s very difficult to maintain optimal pressure in a gas cylinder. This prevents the gas from vaporizing which in turn makes your gas cylinders unusable. Powerblanket offers a variety of gas cylinder heaters for controlling temperatures of propane, butane, nitrogen, oxygen and other compressed gases.

Gas Cylinder Heater Features:

  • Optimize Operations – Save money by optimizing gas and material usage.
  • Increased Pressure – Maintain gas efficiency and pressure with improved temperature control.
  • Even Heat Distribution – Insulated, full wrap design prevents hot and cold spots and wraps the container in even, consistent heat.
  • Easy Installation – Easily installed and removed and works on both steel and poly drums.
  • Safety Certified – ETL certified to UL & CSA safety standards.

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  • Powerblanket GCW100

    Powerblanket GCW100 Gas Cylinder Heater 100lb Tank

    Original price was: $ 758.00.Current price is: $ 716.00.
  • Powerblanket GCW20

    Powerblanket GCW20 Gas Cylinder Heater 20lb Tank

    Original price was: $ 396.00.Current price is: $ 374.00.
  • Powerblanket GCW30

    Powerblanket GCW30 Gas Cylinder Heater 30lb Tank

    Original price was: $ 560.00.Current price is: $ 529.00.
  • Powerblanket GCW40

    Powerblanket GCW40 Gas Cylinder Heater 40lb Tank

    Original price was: $ 643.00.Current price is: $ 607.00.
  • Powerblanket GCW420

    Powerblanket GCW420 Gas Cylinder Heater 420lb Tank

    Original price was: $ 961.00.Current price is: $ 907.00.