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Powerblanket Spray Foam Box Warmers

The Powerblanket Spray Foam Box Warmers are built with patented heat spreading technology. This makes them the ideal heater for harsh, outdoor environments. These custom equipment boxes save on labor costs through each installation. They also eliminate downtime and expenses associated with replacing frozen equipment. These custom heaters are an energy-efficient and cost-effective heating solution for systems of all shapes and sizes. Powerblanket world class engineers create custom equipment boxes to protect valves and manifolds, instrumentation, and pumps from the threat of cold weather.

Whether you need our ready-to-ship, insulated drum heating jackets, IBC tote heaters, and bulk material warmers, or you require a custom solution, we have the industrial heating solution for you. From freeze protection to process heating, Powerblanket has you covered.

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  • Powerblanket FBW200

    Powerblanket FBW200 Spray Foam Box Warmer

    Original price was: $ 670.00.Current price is: $ 659.00.
  • Powerblanket FBW600

    Powerblanket FBW600 Spray Foam Box Warmer

    Original price was: $ 643.00.Current price is: $ 633.00.