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Sterlco 4700 Series Simplex Condensate Return Units

The Sterlco 4700 Series Simplex Condensate Return Units atmospherically vented cast iron condensate tanks are designed for pumping hot condensate throughout the steam system. The 4700 Series cast iron unit is designed to suit many applications. Tank sizes range from 6-120 Gallons.

Additionally, the Sterlco 4700 Series Simplex unit can be paired with a Sterlco K-series 2″ NPSH Pump. Sterlco® K-series 2″ NPSH Pumps are designed to pump hot condensate up to 212° F. These pumps are equipped with a stainless steel impeller and inducer to assure long operating life. Customizable tanks and specialty pump options are available.

Standard Features Include;

  • Heavy-duty cast iron receivers
  • Simplex or duplex construction
  • Stainless steel fitted centrifugal pumps
  • Energy efficient 3450 RPM motors
  • Automatic venting
  • Carbon ceramic pump seal (300°F) with EPDM elastomers
  • Heavy-duty float switch
  • Wide range of options and accessories

4700 Series Specifications Sheet pdf

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