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The sun is one of our greatest natural resources. We depend on it to grow our crops, provide natural light and even give us a daily dose of Vitamin D. Harnessing the energy of the sun is one of the most effective and productive uses of an infinite resource. For those farmers who regularly move cattle from one acre to another, getting water to them can be a daunting task. Solar-powered submersible pumps are an excellent way to provide water to cattle basins in more remote areas. Toboa Energy sells high-quality, low-voltage Sun pumps which are energy efficient and easy to install. Sun pumps submersibles series include the SDS-D Series, the SDSP-Q, the SDS-T series and the SCB.

What are other advantages of using submersible solar-powered pumps? Sunpump submersibles require no fuel and are relatively maintenance free. When the sun is strongest, the need for water usage is also at a peak level. Being able to use solar-powered pumps to provide the energy needed to meet the large supply and demand water issue for livestock is invaluable. In certain circumstances, a water storage unit may be needed to store up to 6 days worth of water for those days when there is less sun. Solar water pumping is a preferred efficiency method over windmills or energy-driven generators when utility power is not readily available. Toboa Energy is your Authorized dealer for solar energy pumping systems for a variety of uses including agricultural, residential, and industrial. For reliable service, shipping and low prices, contact Toboa Energy for all your solar-powered pump needs. With Toboa we make shopping easy, you may purchase your products online from our safe and secure website or contact by phone 1-262-757-1110 , email sales@toboaenergy.com, or through our website contact form.  As always we want to make doing business with us as simple as possible.

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