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Watts Water Filtration

Filter Bags, Bag Housings

Bag filter housings and bagsPolypropylene Bagscartridges bags housingsFilter Housings

Quick Change Filter Systems and Replacement Cartridges

Watts Water Quick Change Filter SystemsQuick ChangeWatts Water E treat systemsE-Treat

In Tank Filter Systems and Replacement Elements

Tank filtration systemsTank Filters

Large Capacity Filter Systems and Replacement Elements

Big Bubba Housings and FiltersBig BubbaFlowmax Housings and FiltersFlowmax

Reverse Osmosis Systems and Interconnection Equipment

Reverse Osmosis FiltrationRev Osmosis


Water Filters and Filter Elements

Watts Water offers simple low cost solutions for your water filter needs, Toboa Energy Resources offers Watts Water Technologies a brand name you’ve grown to trust. Watts Water Technologies is a solid leader in a filter industry filled with foreign look-a-likes. Watts is a well-known provider of water filters and filter elements for water quality and flow control solutions. Watts filters are used in a variety of applications, from residential home water purification projects to industrial high volume or purity filtration for Municipal and commercial areas. The Watts Water Filters family of brands offers a diverse selection of plumbing and water filtration product lines worldwide, ranging from top quality Flow-Max filter cartridges, bag filtration, quick change drinking water systems, tank filters, RO systems and back flow prevention assemblies, rainwater harvesting filter systems and much more.

Trust Toboa Energy Resources LLC to provide all of the Watts water products right to your home or business at the lowest price. Toboa Energy has been serving its internet clients since 2007 and has added the Watts Water Technology lines of equipment to give you the edge when purchasing. We offer Watts water filtration products in the volumes and at the price points that home owners or businesses can afford. Most of Watts water filtration products ship within two business days and ship directly to you. Our distribution is primarily the USA and Canada and we strive to provide these great products with the least amount of frustration at the very best price.

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