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Quick-Twist RO 50GPD Plastic Tank System

$ 514.97 $ 309.81

Quick-Twist WQT4RO11-50PT from Watts Water. Plastic Tank system. 50 GPD thin film membrane, clog free brine flow control, automatic shut off valves for easy cartridge replacement. Inlet water supply fitting is adaptable to use with 3/8″ compression or 1/2″ compression fittings.

Toboa Energy Resources LLC is a certified USA Watts Water dealer online since 2007.


Quick-Twist RO 50GPD Plastic Tank System (WQT4RO11-50PT) from Watts Water. This residential reverse osmosis system promises higher quality drinking water and fuss-free maintenance! The Quick-Twist systems make maintenance seamless with disposable encapsulated cartridges, automatic shut off valves, and quarter-turn filter cartridges.This four part system utilizes four color coded cartridges that effectively purify and treat water for a great taste.


Feed Water Requirements

  • Maximum Total Dissolved Solids (TDS): 1,800 PPM
  • Iron, Maximum: 0.2 PPM
  • Hardness (less than): 10 GPG
  • Hydrogen Sulfide: 0.0 PPM
  • Magnese (less than): 0.05 PPM
  • Turbidity (less than): 1 NTU
  • pH: 3-11
  • Minimum pressure: 40 PSI (2.8 bar)
  • Maximum pressure: 100 PSI (7 bar)
  • Operating Temperatures
    • Max: 100 Fahrenheit (37.8 Celsius)
    • Min: 40 Fahrenheit (4.4 Celsius)

Contents of Quick-Twist RO 50GPD Plastic Tank System

  • 1 Tank (Metal)
  • 1 RO System
  • 1 Manual and Warranty Card

Faucets sold separately.

Proprietary Cartridges

The Quick-Twist RO Drinking Systems contain the following four steps:

Pre-Filter (Sediment) Filter

  • 5 micron filters out particulates including sand, silt, rust, and other solid matter
  • Recommended replacement after six months
  • Order it here!

Pre-Carbon Filter

  • Filters out chlorine from water to protect the RO membrane
  • Recommended replacement after six months
  • Order it here!

Reverse Osmosis Membrane 

  • Filters out metals, salts, and other dissolved solids so only high quality water goes into the storage tank
  • Recommended replacement after 1-2 years
  • Order it here!

Post-Carbon (GAC) Filter

  • Polishes filtered water to remove any unpleasant tastes or odors
  • Recommended replacement after 12 months
  • Order it here!


Watts Installation & Maintenance Guide

Toboa Energy Resources LLC is an authorized Watts Water Technology dealer. Many “knock-off filters” are sold into the market from foreign countries with questionable quality and effectiveness. Toboa Energy provides the best OEM and replacement choice for your most important asset, clean, safe, sediment free water. Toboa Energy Resources LLC offers outstanding Watts Water Technology products and has been providing sales and replacement services online since 2007. It’s no surprise why our customers keep coming back! Quality, reliability, honesty and good service.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 9 in
Manufacturer Part Number


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