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Sterlco 973-S .75 Inch 25 PSI Radiator Trap – Straightway

$ 133.00

Sterlco 973-S .75 Inch 25 PSI Radiator Trap – Straightway offers a 3/4 inch right hand corner turn radiator with brass trim standard and 25 psi maximum pressure. Trap frees radiators of air and condensate.


Sterlco 973-S .75 Inch 25 PSI Radiator Trap – Straightway SMART TRAP

Will operate efficiently regardless of steam pressure variation. All thermostats and seats are replaceable without shimming or adjustment. Every trap is thoroughly tested. Components are inspected and tested during manufacture; completed traps undergo complete operating tests before shipment.

Sterlco® thermostatic radiator traps accurately and efficiently free radiators of air and condensate… without allowing steam to be wasted into returns. They are especially effective on vacuum heating systems. Their simple design and rugged construction assure long, dependable service.

Sterlco Steam Traps Catalog

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in
Manufacturer Part Number


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