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Powerblanket Blankets

The Powerblanket blankets all come with temperature control options for optimal results. Unlike conventional insulated blankets and band heaters, Powerblanket has developed the best heat distribution solutions to heat buckets and pails evenly and consistently. Maintain optimal viscosity and flow, while avoiding burning and scorching.

Specifically, the Powerblanket Wax Blanket is designed to solve issues presented by traditional wax heating method. Scorching and/or having to babysit a double boiler are inconveniences absolved when using these Wax Blankets. Designed to fit a standard-sized 5-gallon metal pail, the Wax Blanket will safely and efficiently melt your wax or glycerin into a usable liquid form with minimal attention on your part.

The Powerblanket Coconut Blanket is a heating solution to problems associated with warming coconut oil. At room temperature, coconut oil is solid and needs to be warmed to be workable. These Coconut Blankets gradually and evenly warms your coconut oil to a?void smoke points and any danger of denaturing. With our low-level internal thermostats, you don’t have to worry about overheating your coconut oil.

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  • Powerblanket CN05

    Powerblanket CN05 Coconut Blanket 5 Gallon

    Original price was: $ 169.00.Current price is: $ 160.00.
  • Powerblanket CN55

    Powerblanket CN55 Coconut Blanket 5 Gallon

    Original price was: $ 584.00.Current price is: $ 552.00.
  • Powerblanket WX05

    Powerblanket WX05 Wax Blanket 5 Gallon

    Original price was: $ 226.00.Current price is: $ 214.00.