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Winco DE Open Skid Generators

DE Open Skid Generators are made to be stationary or mobile and as compact as possible. Winco’s standard configuration is with a key start that is easy to operate. We can add on a Deep Sea digital controller that allows these units to start remotely. Offering diesel prime power generators that offers voltage outputs in 120/240V single-phase as well as 120/208V, 120/240V, 277/480V, and 346/600V in three-phase, generator is extremely versatile and can suit many needs.

Winco knows that “there is no replacement for displacement.” A lot of engine manufacturers are pushing really small engines into this range for TIER IV final. We think a little more engine is key for long life and quick responses to load changes, Our heavy duty designed generators are built to last. Contact Toboa Energy for lead times.

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  • WINCO DE23 Generator, Diesel Prime Power

    DE23 | Diesel Prime Power Generator

    Original price was: $ 21,800.00.Current price is: $ 20,056.00.
  • WINCO DE4040F4 Generator, Diesel Prime Power

    DE4040F4 | Diesel Prime Power Generator

    Original price was: $ 31,440.00.Current price is: $ 28,888.00.
  • WINCO DE50F4 Generator, Diesel Prime Power

    DE50F4 | Diesel Prime Power Generator

    Original price was: $ 25,700.00.Current price is: $ 23,644.00.
  • Winco DE2014

    Winco DE40I4 Open Skid 40 kW Diesel Generator liquid cooled

    Original price was: $ 24,100.00.Current price is: $ 22,172.00.