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Sterlco Steam Traps

Sterlco steam traps, Float and Thermostatic Steam Traps, Thermostatic Radiator Steam Traps, and Inverted Bucket Steam Traps are engineered to operate at the highest efficiency and are long lasting with rugged construction. Decades of reliable system performance draws customers to Sterlco steam equipment specifically designed for commercial HVAC systems, food, beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, schools, power utilities, refineries and petrochemical applications. Can be customized to meet the needs of specific applications.

Sterlco Steam Traps combine one of these high quality, highly reliable steam traps into your steam a condensing system. Traps can be used in conjunction with Sterlco condensate return equipment. Steam traps remove excess condensate water from steam allowing condensate to drain off safely to a condensate return collection receiver tank. Toboa Energy Resources LLC is an authorized US dealer for Sterling – Sterlco steam control equipment offering modern steam traps, condensate return pumps, boiler feed pumps, temperature control valves, repair parts, custom engineering help and direct online manufacturer direct sales.

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Sterlco Steam Traps Full Line 

Sterling Inverted Bucket Steam Traps

bucket condensate traps919 Seriesbucket condensate traps920 Seriesbucket condensate traps921 Seriesbucket condensate traps922 Seriesbucket condensate traps923 Seriesbucket condensate traps924 Seriesbucket condensate traps925 Series

FT-90 Float And Thermostatic In-Line

Sterling FT-9015 PSISterling FT-9030 PSISterling FT-9075 PSISterling FT-90125 PSI

FT-69/92 Float And Thermostatic Double Inlet/Outlet

Sterling FT-9215 PSISterling FT-9230 PSISterling FT-9275 PSISterling FT-92125 PSI

FT-69/92 Float And Thermostatic Double Inlet/Outlet Stainless Steel Trim

Sterling FT-9215 PSI SS TRIMSterling FT-9230 PSI SS TRIMSterling FT-9275 PSI SS TRIMSterling FT-92125 PSI SS TRIM

FT-94 & FT-94HC Float And Thermostatic Double Inlet/Outlet Stainless Steel Trim

Sterling FT-9415 PSISterling FT-9430 PSISterling FT-9475 PSISterling FT-94125 PSI

FT-96 Float And Thermostatic Brass & Stainless Steel Trim

Sterling FT-9615 PSISterling FT-9630-125 PSI

Sterling Replacement Parts

condensate trap partsTrap Parts

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